ORMIG 33


The ORMIG 33 device for band saw cutting, superheating and welding was designed on the basis of suggestions and practical instructions given by experts who used to deal with these issues for many years in practice.

It is made of qualitative material and elements that satisfy the European standards.

ORMIG 33 device is equipped with:

  • Device for welding in the protected atmosphere composed of CO2 and argon.
  • Table for superheating and re-crystallisation of the welded spot at the temperature of 450 500 C with thermostat.
  • Scissors for cutting under the right right angle.
  • Auxiliary table for welded spot grinding and polishing.


 Technical characteristics of ORMIG 33:  


  • Table surface 1400 x 400 mm
  • Max. band width 300 mm
  • Max. power 7,3 kW
  • Max. band thickness 2 mm
  • Weight cca 320 kg

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