IRA - 15


This machine is designed for unforging, that is carried out in three to five passages, and equalishing of teeth, that is carried out in one passage.The tests have shown that cutting productivity is up to three times higher than in saws with the set teeth.

The quality of cutting is drastically better as all teeth participate in cutting with unforged saws.The saw cut is much narrower and consumption of energy is smaller due to the reduced resistance to cutting.The quantity of waste material, i.e. scrapings created by cutting is much smaller.

The saw prepared in such a way can be sharpened five and even more times before the next unforging.

            IRA 15 was made based on the model of the German VOLMER PTG device.The gears wheels, shafts and other vital elements are made of highly qualitative steels that are cemented, hardened and ground.The head itself is made of steel and it is absolutely secured against breaking.


 Technical characteristics of IRA 15:  


  • Teeth pitch 25-70 mm
  • Teeth depth 20 mm
  • Band width 80-250 mm
  • Band thickness 1-1,6 mm
  • Output cca 40 teeth/min
  • Motor power 1,5 Kw


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